Snake Eyes Seven (2010)

Lead guitarist and founding members Cole ‘The Madman’ Stevens and drummer/percussionist Johnny Blade banded together in May of 2005 to begin writing and rehearsing new material that would define the Snake Eyes Seven sound. Wanting something fresh and uncompromising, yet dark and powerful, the band put their collective talents together to deliver an unheralded style of music. What yielded was a rough edged debut that did everything but what it was supposed to do. The band and project imploded before it could take off leaving what was left of the group to decide its fate.

Taking time off proved to be the best medicine as Cole and Johnny went back to the drawing board and sought out their original vocalist Ken Stone and enticed him to return to the band. You see, what Ken delivers vocally is surpassed by none. The band spent the next 2 years writing and recording their next metal opus; 13 Crows. Rising from the ashes is a finely tuned machine bigger than life and aiming to prove it once again. Enlisting famed producer Cam MacLeod (White Wolf) to twist the knobs for the new recording, Snake Eyes Seven have set out to prove that they can and will compete with the best of the best.

One thing still holds true; The Snake Eyes Seven approach is that of epic proportions and everything is done BIG including their unparalleled live shows which include huge flaming snakes, gigantic walls of Marshalls and more lights, smoke and bombs then you can deal with. The idea is not only to captivate the audience but to entertain them as well giving each and every fan a full show and event to remember. Snake Eyes Seven cut no corners this time around. And they are not labeling themselves or making comparisons. Just listen to 13 Crows for yourself and you be the judge.

Track Listing:

1. 13 Crows
2. Can’t Fall Down
3. David and Goliath
4. Show Me The Money
5. Freight Train
6. Missing You
7. All About You
8. Resurrection
9. Creatures Of Night
10. Peaceful Moment
11. Little Piece Of Heaven
12. Furnace
13. Hell or High Water
Released: March 30, 2010
Jamsync Music

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